Your Penis Isn’t Small, What You Need Is To Lose Weight, Experts State

Men are always going on and on about feeling embarrassed by their penises and would do anything to grow an inch or two. However, experts are advising people to think more of losing weight rather than penis enlargement as this will improve their penis size.

According to Jennifer Berman, MD, urologist in Beverly Hills as well as co-author of “Secrets of the Sexually Satisfied Woman”, many men are obsessed with the notion that their penis is of less-than-average size while in the real case it is quite normal. Their penis appears smaller because of being overweight or obese and the additional weight swallows up some length of their male organ.

Lose WeightShe goes further to say that this has led to many anxious and desperate individuals taking pills, applying creams & gels, using stretching devices, and also going for surgery. Usually, these methods don’t work and cost many men lots of time, money, and also effort yet they could have seen better results by simply losing the extra body fat.

Part of a man’s penis is located inside the body and when a person adds more weight especially in the belly region, the penis will appear smaller due to sinking inside the body. Mass marketing and psychology also plays a role in convincing men that they are not well-endowed down south or the bigger the better. This has led to cropping up of many products that promise men of adding several inches on the length and girth.

Michael O'Leary, MD, urologist at Boston’s Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston and professor of urologic surgery at Harvard School of Medicine also concurs with Jennifer Berman. He states that the first thing that men think of when it comes to enlarging their penis is using the products in the market, and many never question their weight.

The best solution to this problem which seems to be rising may be as simple as shedding off the fat around the waist/belly, or thighs as this gives you improved view of your male organ making it longer. Though many men are aware of this, they would rather go for liposuction which offers the same results gained from exercising but is almost instant and less laborious or stressing.

O’Leary further asserts that working-out is the best alternative for a bigger penis and it is costly or doesn’t come with surgical risks. The so-called penis enlargers/enhancers never work and are all aimed at taking advantage of men’s psychology. Anyone who can come up with a method that actually works will become an overnight billionaire, but to date there is no technique that increases the length or girth of the penis.

Both Berman and O’Leary are convinced that losing weight is the only way of seeing an enlarged penis and the various products in the market will not add any value other causing side effects and a dwindling account.