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What You Need to Know about Miscarriage

Many people who have never experienced a failure in pregnancy are likely to wonder how it happens; some don't even comprehend what it is. Miscarriage is an unprompted loss of the fetus before it is viable.

Loss of the fetus is actually a common complication affecting pregnant women. Among…

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The Anti-rape Condom for Women

According to research, rape statistics are still on the rise in some parts of the world, in spite of the efforts put in place to eradicate the menace. The majority of the victims of this brutal and violent act are women and children. Sadly, South Africa is known to have a culture of violence towards…

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Fat Injections for Breast Augmentation: Does the Method Work?

A lot of women would like to have bigger breasts. However, not all of these women are willing or able to get a breast augmentation through traditional plastic surgery procedures. That is undoubtedly the reason why so-called non-surgical breast augmentations are so popular among women. Do they work…

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Placentophagy: Eating the Placenta

Mammals have three major subdivisions i.e. monotremes, marsupials, and placentals. Humans belong in the last category of mammals. Other animals in this classification bracket include herbivores, carnivores, and whales among others. Placentals have one distinct feature i.e. they give birth to live…

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Ways to Improve Sex Drive in Women

Sex is supposed to be fun. Both men and women should enjoy having sex. Sadly, most women lose their sex drive in their middle age. The common causes of low sexual urge in women include anxiety, stress, depression, a history of sexual abuse, View More

Maintaining Comfort during Pregnancy

This idea that you could be comfortable during pregnancy probably sounds a little ridiculous. After all, this is a time where every corner of your body begins to ache and sleeping becomes a tumultuous game that forces you to spend several hours on end looking for a convenient position.


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An Introduction to Female Sexual Dysfunction

It is common to talk openly about erectile dysfunction, but not nearly as much about the female equivalent. It is obviously not called erectile dysfunction for women, as female sexual activity does not involve any kind of erection, but rather female sexual dysfunction, and it is just as real and common.


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