Levitra User Reviews

Levitra rescued my sexual lifestyle. I no longer feel the frustration/embarrassment associated with not receiving erect. I consider with regards to a 5mg medication dosage plus it functions inside regarding Thirty minutes and also continues to appeal to about 20 hours.


Several erections are simple to reach. I am SIXTY-FOUR years old and even my pre- Levitra erections have been infrequently 100 % really hard or whole sized. Currently my erections happen to be similar to when I was at my 20s - really hard, solid and upward. I do believe my girlfriend likes Levitra just as much as I do.


20mg as well as INCREDIBLE. . . . . . . . much better stamina levels than in the past. Extraordinary. Really the only uncomfortable side effects were negligible throbbing headache as well as flushed facial area, thumping on doorway and wall space from hotel people nearby who could hardly get to sleep from all of the screeching and also knocking. Magnificent.


I require a 10mg medication dosage on an empty abdominal with mineral water, inside of 15 minutes my personal face thinks get rid of and I get yourself a wonderful 100 % experience in my male organ. Sexual intercourse is similar to it was once i ended up being 16, several erections as well as wonderful stamina levels. I see that while condom use is necessary, that I need to employ this med for the best possible final results. THANKS A LOT!


I'm 45 as well as in respectable but not wonderful strength. I ended up being recognizing periodic impotence difficulties, specially when emphasized or weary. 10mg regarding Levitra generally seems to prevail over any amount of pressure or low energy for me personally. Magic solution, but extremely expensive. On top of that is using a pleased satisfied spouse.


I am a 52 year old man with moderate erection problems. Was recommended 20mg however made a decision to start gradual with 5mg. Made a huge variation and also feel as if a new individual. Slight blockage but really worth it all!


You can imagine my personal surprise whenever it not merely proved helpful, but proved helpful effectively! It's not included in insurance coverage, nevertheless ummm. . . I do not proper care. It really is wonderful to become just like my higher education self in the bed room once again. You can not put an expense on that.