The Relationship between Lemons and Cancer

Recent years has seen an increase in reports claiming the effectiveness of lemons in the treatment of cancer. Even though these reports are not entirely factual, several studies have uncovered new findings that show a solid foundation in the use of lemons to treat the condition. It is important to point out, though, that the effectiveness of lemon extract in fighting particular types of cancer is yet to be determined. Nevertheless, recent research has proven that the health benefits derived from lemons cannot be ignored in the fight against cancer.

Lemons are commonly known for their Vitamin C. Additionally, their peel can aid in the eradication of toxins from the body. For decades, scientists have been in an endless pursuit of answers on whether lemons can be a cancer killer.lemon-cancer-cells-hoax Recent research has shed some light on the matter by revealing that extract from the fruit can destroy malignant cells found in a certain types of cancer; this includes lung cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer.

One research published in the Food, Chemical and Toxicology Journal involved investigating the possible connection between extract from lemon seeds and the eradication of breast cancer. The researchers concluded that the extract could potentially act as a preventive agent when it comes to breast cancer.

Another study conducted in India looked into antitumor activities of dietary phytochemicals, specifically the antitumor properties of the Lemon Fruit methanolic extract. The experimental data generated drew a similar conclusion as the latter research. Further analysis of the fruit was recorded by Gary D. Manners, a researcher from the US. Department of Agriculture. He found out that limonoids, the bitter character of citrus fruits, can improve human health as a cholesterol-lowering, antiviral and anticancer agent.

All the above studies have agreed that lemon extract only affected the malignant cells, leaving the healthy ones unharmed.

There are other health benefits that are attributed to the lemon fruit. They include antibacterial properties, digestion aid, acne treatment, regulation of blood pressure, antidepressant qualities and the reduction of stress and anxiety. However, it is crucial to note that information found in the media on this issue significantly exaggerates the potential of the fruit as a cancer remedy. No authoritative scientific evidence has been found so far establishing lemons as an effective form of treatment that can cope with cancer on its own. Michelle Morgan, a clinical dietician, advises that a person diagnosed with cancer should eat healthy (which includes citric fruits); however, lemons have to be looked upon as an complementary remedy that may increase your chances of beating cancer if the disease is properly treated with traditional methods such as chemotherapy.