The Anti-rape Condom for Women

According to research, rape statistics are still on the rise in some parts of the world, in spite of the efforts put in place to eradicate the menace. The majority of the victims of this brutal and violent act are women and children. Sadly, South Africa is known to have a culture of violence towards women, and this has put the number of rape victims on the rise. In response to this, a South African doctor, Sonnet Ehlers, created an anti-rape condom to help women fight in the event of a rape attack.Rape aXe

What exactly is the anti-rape condom?

Simply put, the anti-rape condom is designed to resemble any other female condom, but with additional features that will make an attacker rethink his decision. The anti-rape condom, known as Rape-aXe, includes rows of teeth-like hooks aimed to stick to a man’s penis during penetration. It is inserted with the help of an applicator just like a tampon. Resembling the conventional female condom, it offers protection against sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies and it can be positioned safely and comfortably inside the vagina. However, an attacker’s attempt to withdraw will cause his penis a painful clasp.

Any attempt to remove it just makes the clasp tighter, so medical attention is usually required to remove the condom from an attacker’s penis. The hooks on the anti-rape condom will not pierce the skin of the penis but will remain attached until a medical professional removes it. Trying to get rid of the condom without help is very painful and may cause severe skin damage. This characteristic is what then facilitates the inevitable arrest of the offender.

What do people think about the anti-rape device?

The intention behind Rape aXe may be good, but surveys show that not all are pleased with it. Some criticize it because wearing the device is like a constant reminder to women that they are vulnerable, thus enslaving them to the fear of an impending attack. Others find the rape condom to be a very barbaric solution. There is also the fear of the device provoking violence from both sides. The attacker may get enraged on contact with the device and aim his anger at the woman, while aggrieved women may use it as a tool for revenge against men.

A recent study by the South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC) concluded that while devices such as the Rape aXe may help deter rape perpetrators, the most effective preventive measure for rape is changing social norms around masculinity and sexual entitlement.