Scientists Invent New Method to Block Sun Radiation that Harms our Skin

Sunbathing is an activity that many people, especially women, enjoy very much. A tanned body is considered sexy and attractive but unfortunately, there are a few dangers in this whole activity with the most commonly known one being the increase of the possibility to develop skin cancer.

Scientists and medical experts have invented and developed many types of sunscreen products in an effort to help our skin reduce the negative effects of the sun’s radiation, but a new breakthrough is here to completely change the way we’ve dealt with the issue so far.

The new invention called the “mitoiron claw” is not reflecting harmful ultraviolet beams off the surface of our skin, but instead it provides a type of armor to our skin cells in order to allow them to prevent the triggering of the processes known to cause both visible and invisible negative consequences.sunbathing

Prolonged exposure to ultraviolet A radiation (UVA) causes iron to leak from the skin cells releasing oxygen molecules that are highly active and can actually damage proteins, cell membranes and even our own DNA. Eventually, this starts killing cells at an alarming rate leading to the appearance of skin cancer.

More common effects include wrinkles, sun spots and sagging on the skin. This is where the mitoiron claw steps in. Its mechanism of action is really simple to explain. All it does is bind to the iron atoms located in the targeted cells and prevent the iron from leaking out of them. This step stops the entire chain of events described in the previous paragraph.

The invention has only been tested on human cells created in the laboratory so far but scientists are very optimistic and claim that it will be available for purchase within the next three to four years. But there are also some things that need to be improved in order to raise the protection level to 100%.

Besides UVA, there is also ultraviolet B radiation (UVB) which is equally harmful to our skin and has not been dealt with yet. Once this issue is resolved as well, we will finally live in an era when sunbathing will be totally harmless and the percentages of skin cancer and other minor complications will probably drop to a historically low level.

The world of medical scientific progress is here to bring us one more solution to a health issue that has been a serious threat to us, especially since it is capable of triggering the appearance of cancer.