Rock Music Improves the Effectiveness of Anti-cancer Drugs

Throughout the history of science, there have been many cases of discoveries and inventions that happened under totally unusual circumstances. Some of them were even accidental. One such unorthodox breakthrough was achieved recently in the University of South Australia.

According to the research team, rock music majorly increases the efficiency of a cancer drug called camptothecin.

Camptothecin consists of micro particles that are “filled” with the appropriate chemical substance. These particles have the form of tiny sponges that absorb as much chemical as they can. The problem is located in that absorption. A significant amount of the substance is “lost” during the particles’ moving towards the target area through the person’s blood stream.  rock music

To this day, scientists used plasma in an effort to create a layer on the surface of the particle. That layer prevents the aforementioned leak. The problem with this method is that plasma cannot cover the entire surface of the particles so the substance loss continues for a large part of the surface. The solution to this issue is one that no one would ever guess.

The research team of the aforesaid university used rock music, in an effort to create a complete drug coating on the particle. The song used for this strange experiment was Thunderstruck, a hit by the legendary band AC/DC.

When asked what made the team select this specific song, Professor Voelcker stated that “Thunderstruck” brings to the listener’s mind thunders, a form of hot plasma, and since plasma was used until now, the correlation is more than obvious.

The results of the experiment were astonishing. Extensive and detailed measurements demonstrated that this method made the drug from twice up to the incredible 100-fold more effective by enormously slowing its release from the particles’ surface.

What is very encouraging and promising is the theory that this method can be used in other cases of drugs such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatory with the same results. The fact that the experiment was successful in such a difficult scenario increases the possibilities of success for less complicated drugs.

This is yet another time when science discovers a new and better way to battle a disease. In our case, it is cancer, a very serious and fatal condition that has many different forms and is so difficult to battle effectively. The rock music discovery is here to prove to us that we can find the solutions we are looking for even in the most unlikely places and parts of our everyday lives.