Processed Food linked to Cancer once again

Fans of fast food probably remember the very bad news that the World Health Organization published 8 months ago which stated that all types of processed meat, including bacon, are linked directly to an increase in colorectal cancer risk if consumed on a daily basis. Even a quantity of 50 grams, if taken daily, can increase the risk of a stomach cancer by up to a shocking 18 percent.

Many people rushed to discredit and doubt the research. Unfortunately, a little less than a year after it was published, a new report which is the result of the cooperation of two separate institutes - the American Institute for Cancer Research and the World Cancer Research Fund - reached a conclusion that is almost identical to the first one.junk-food-caution

The most amazing similarity of the two is that both produced the same estimation in the increase of cancer risk and the meat quantity. However, the experts that did the research claim that the exact matching of the numbers is probably coincidental since each report used different methods to analyze their data.

Are people consuming processed meat guaranteed to develop certain types of cancer, and are the ones avoiding it completely safe? The answer is definitely no. Even though scientists have noticed the correlation described earlier, the development of cancer in a body is an extremely complicated procedure that still has many mysteries. There are many genetic, lifestyle and even environmental factors that need to be included in the final “verdict”.

But people tend to magnify news that are frightening. As soon as the first research about processed foods was published, the Internet was flooded with articles and headlines stating that consuming bacon is equal to smoking. Once again, the answer is 100% no. All we need to do is look at the numbers. The number of people dying each year, on a global scale, from consuming great amounts of bacon in their lifetime is roughly 35.000. The amount of deaths caused by smoking is about 30 times larger. Almost 1 million people die every year from cancer or other diseases caused by smoking cigarettes while 200.000 die of chemical pollution. So, eating bacon is not the end of the world for anyone of us.

However, experts suggest that we need to regulate the quantities of everything we eat, especially when it comes to processed food, given that it is a relatively new category and its effects have not been completely documented yet. But still, eating bacon or a sausage once a week will do you no harm. Lack of moderation is what makes every single habit dangerous, and not the habit itself.