Possible Treatments To Help Control Prostate Enlargement

One of the most common problems that seem to affect older men is an enlarged prostate. In this situation, the prostate gland which synthesizes the fluids that serve as a carrier for sperms during the process of ejaculation become larger than usual. With the gland growing in size unwanted pressure is exerted on the urethra which in turn leads to bladder and urinary problems. Though the condition of prostate enlargement is not cancerous and does not in any way enhance the risk of an occurrence of the dreaded disease, it can yet be a hindrance to a man's normal life as it affects the process of urination.

enlarged-prostateWhile there are a number of remedies to help treat the condition of prostate enlargement, these are the three main treatment procedures that would be highly recommended.

Make changes to your lifestyle: If you are showing symptoms that are not making a huge impact on your life and you are not faced with any major complications, then you can consider taking this simple approach- make changes to your lifestyle and see if your condition improves sufficiently. Prostate enlargement usually develops at a very slow pace over time and you may not experience any worsening of your symptoms. Reduce the consumption of fizzy drinks, artificial sweeteners, caffeine, and alcohol, and it is likely that your symptoms will start showing signs of improvement.

Taking to medicines: If you don't witness any improvement to your conditions as a result of making lifestyle changes, then you can consider the use of medicines. 5-alpha-reductase inhibitors and alpha-blockers are among the most common category of medicines used in the treatment process. Both these medicines may be taken together for managing the enlarged prostate condition.

Alpha-blockers help in relaxing the muscles present around the neck of the bladder and in the prostate, thus allowing an easier passage of urine. While this cannot be considered as a cure for enlarged prostate, it certainly helps in providing relief against the symptoms. The inhibitor elements present in 5-alpha-reductase, meanwhile, help in reducing the size of the enlarged prostate. This takes away a lot of the pressure on the urethra and provides an easier passage for urine to be passed.

As with all other medicines, these too can have certain side effects. Each individual is likely to be affected in a different manner and it is unlikely that one person will experience all of the side effects. The information leaflet presented with every medicine contains sufficient information on the subject. One can also consult a pharmacist or doctor to know more about the side effects of these medicines.

Herbal remedies have also been found to be useful in controlling the symptoms of prostate enlargement in some men. However, whether these herbal remedies have a negative impact on other prescribed medicines being consumed is a fact yet to be established. Further research is required before the use of herbal remedies can be established as a suitable treatment procedure for enlarged prostates.

Going for a surgery: In case both lifestyle changes and medicines fail to have an impact, or the associated symptoms are found to be too severe, surgery on the enlarged prostate may be recommended. A number of procedures can be followed with open prostatectomy, bladder neck incision, transurethral prostate resection, and transurethral prostate vaporization being some of the most common surgery methods.

For candidates who are not suitable for a surgical procedure to cure an enlarged prostate, the use of a catheter may be recommended for draining urine from the bladder. This will provide temporary relief to the concerned individual and allow them to lead a close-to-normal life, albeit with numerous restrictions in place.