Parents Skipping Childhood Vaccinations are Risking their Children’s Health

In recent years, there has been a growing argument that childhood vaccinations may be behind various health issues including autism. Childhood vaccinations have all but eliminated major diseases such as measles and mumps as well as many other illnesses that parents once feared. Vaccinations are often credited as a major milestone that has allowed the overall health of the population to improve. With all that vaccinations have done, the fact that a growing number of parents are avoiding having their children vaccinated is very alarming.

While the fears of autism and other possible negative effects are understandable (although scientifically not proved), the benefits of vaccines certainly outweigh any potential risks.vaccines save lives The fact that public schools require vaccinations in order to enroll a child should be enough of a reason for parents to accept that they are a necessity. But for parents who are strongly opposed to having their child vaccinated, they often side step the system by having their child home schooled.

The biggest concern with not vaccinating children is not what happens when just one, two, or a handful of kids don’t get their childhood vaccines. The big concern is that as more and more parents join the movement against vaccination, there will be enough children lacking protection from diseases for a new epidemic to occur. Since many of the diseases that vaccination protects against can cause long term health problems or even death, this could prove to be a disaster.

The biggest problem with the anti-vaccination movement is that many of the parents who get swept up in it aren’t really as well informed as they should be. They hear allegations that vaccination can cause autism or autoimmune diseases and then they decide that they want to protect their child from these dangers. The anti-vaccination movement preys upon the fears of parents and their natural desire to protect their children to get them to make what is actually a very dangerous choice by avoiding vaccination.

While there is no proof that vaccinations cause autism or other diseases it is just an unlikely possibility. But if you are a parent considering not vaccinating your child, you need to look at the pros and cons and then make the right decision for your child. Autism is still fairly rare, as are the other diseases that are attributed to vaccination by those who oppose it. On the other hand, the risks involved in not having your child vaccinated are very real, and they are much more likely to cause harm to your child.