Oncology News

The Relationship between Lemons and Cancer

Recent years has seen an increase in reports claiming the effectiveness of lemons in the treatment of cancer. Even though these reports are not entirely factual, several studies have uncovered new findings that show a solid foundation in the use of lemons to treat the condition. It is important to…

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Childhood Cancer Awareness

Cancer is one of the ailments which are quite rare in adolescents and children. However, since 1975 cancer in small children has been gradually increasing. Also, cancer can be a bit harder to diagnose in children as compared to adults.

According to statistics, childhood cancer rates are less…

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Understanding the Surgical Way of Treating Colon Cancer

There are several ways that colon cancer can be treated, which all depends on the stage the illness has reached. Here is a quick guide to the various types of treatment commonly used.

One of the options for treating colon cancer is surgery. For this treatment, the surgeon will remove the part…

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The Link between Red Hair and Skin Cancer

People have different types of hair color ranging from different tints of black, blonde and red hair. Statistically, black is the most common hair color. Natural pure blonde hair is present in about 2% of the world’s population while red hair is the least common hair color. In fact, redheads constitute…

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Minimizing the Risk of Cancer

There is no question about it - cancer talk is a scary subject. News reports recently showed that people living in deprived regions are more likely to suffer from cancer and its related ailments. Also, people living in urban areas have a higher chance of developing cancerous cells due to their exposure…

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