Obesity Found to Make our Brain Older

Following a balanced and healthy diet is key to avoid many different health issues related to nutrition. It takes not only avoiding junk food and other products that are generally bad for our health but also making sure our weight is ideal to guard our body against various medical conditions, some of which could turn out to be very serious. However, not taking care of our body in terms of eating appears to have a far more devastating impact than we’ve thought.

According to a study published by a team of researchers based in the Cambridge University of the United Kingdom, the health and aging rate of the human brain is directly connected to the body’s weight. The trial included measuring the amount of white matter present in the brain of 527 people from 20 to 87 years old.Obesity Brain Scan

The participants were divided in groups based on their BMI (Body Mass Index), a characteristic that measures the obesity level of an individual. The results were interesting, to say the least.

The group that consisted of people with a BMI within the limits of suggested body fat had way more white matter. Specifically, their brain was about 10 years younger than the respective one of the people who were classified as obese.

This result appears far more threatening than it really is, but still, it is yet another indication showing that obesity is really bad. There is a sign that this white matter difference has an impact on the IQ of the individual, and there is also something that baffled the experts who conducted the trial: this variation in the levels of white matter only appears in middle-aged people and not young.

A theory about this is the one stating that it takes a certain period of time being obese for the brain to start being affected by it, thus the group of young people was not yet affected. It is something that needs to be verified before becoming a valid conclusion.

Once again, medical science highlights the risks of neglecting our nutrition habits and increasing our body weight to numbers over the ‘danger level’. Being fit by eating properly and combining this with exercising is guaranteed to not only improve the quality of our life in a physical way but also help us mentally.