Maintaining Comfort during Pregnancy

This idea that you could be comfortable during pregnancy probably sounds a little ridiculous. After all, this is a time where every corner of your body begins to ache and sleeping becomes a tumultuous game that forces you to spend several hours on end looking for a convenient position.

However, while absolute comfort during pregnancy is all but impossible, pregnancy shouldn’t necessarily become a time of misery, not when the following tips can help you find some comfort.


Pillows are a woman’s best friend during pregnancy. They can help you support your back as you sit, prop up your knees and make sleeping on your side that much easier. There are pregnancy pillows designed specifically for the purposes of keeping the belly supported when a woman is lying down. If you are struggling to sleep, consider investing in a few such pillows.Pregnancy loading


Activity is an essential component of a pregnant woman's life. Pregnancy exhausts the body, forcing it to work much harder than normal. The right exercises will help you condition your body accordingly, preparing it for the stress it will experience in the months to come. It is important that you begin exercising during the earliest stages of your pregnancy. Prenatal workouts will help you maintain a sense of comfort as you reach the later stages of your pregnancy.

Salty baths

Do not be too quick to rely on painkillers when your sores and aches begin making life unbearable. Epsom salt baths are a healthier alternative. Where possible, consider investing in heating pads. They will make the last few months of your pregnancy so much easier.


As you approach the end of your pregnancy, your ankles and feet will begin to swell, especially whenever you spend any notable amount of time standing. Take that as a warning to spend as much time as possible off your feet.

Elevating your feet every so often will not only keep the swelling down but the act will alleviate the stress on your back (which should be sore by now) and hips.

Frequency of meals

Ignore the urge to maintain your normal fore-meals-a-day diet. Rather, endeavor to eat as many small meals as you can throughout the day. The operative word here is ‘small’. Do not overeat. Keep the meals small but frequent.

There is no substitute for reliable support during pregnancy. All the rest, exercise, dieting and proper maternity clothing in the world will make little difference if you do not have someone to walk with you and provide assistance during the most critical stages of your pregnancy.