Levitra FAQ: Answers to Questions

How long does it take for Levitra to be effective?

A pharmacological therapy of the erectile dysfunction consists in taking vasodilator drugs from the group of PDE5 inhibitors. One of the best representatives of this group is Levitra.

Levitra helps to return a hard erection during any types of the erectile dysfunction: organic, psychogenic,…

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How many times a day can I take Levitra?

If you decided to take Levitra for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction, you can take the drug in different ways:

  • The first scheme – the use of the pills only before the sexual intercourse
  • The second scheme – the everyday use of the…

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How much is a prescription of Levitra?

The active ingredient of Levitra is vardenafil. Possible dosages that you can find in drugstores are 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg or 20mg of vardenafil. Your own dosage is prescribed by your health provider depending on your case and current health situation but cannot exceed 20 mg per day.

The recommended…

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What Is the Cost of Levitra at Walmart?

Levitra is a brand-name medicine that can be purchased at different land-based drug stores as well as in a range of trusted online pharmacies. There are lots of men who like shopping at Walmart, and when they need to get Levitra, they start wondering how much it will cost them and what they actually…

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How Often Is It Safe to Take Levitra?

Levitra is one of the most popular ED medicines available today. It allows men to enjoy a full sexual life, self-confidence, increased desire, and other benefits. It is not suitable for all men, for instance, those who have experienced an allergic reaction to Vardenafil, its main ingredient; who have…

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How Soon Does Levitra Start Working?

Levitra is a popular brand-name medicine used in treating ED. Before using the medicine, it is important to find out some essential information about it, including how soon it starts working.  The active ingredient of the medication is vardenafil. It is a PDE5 inhibitor that initiates a chain of chemical…

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How Long Does Levitra Last?

Other than the famous Viagra, Levitra is the new pill that helps with the erectile dysfunction problem. Research has proven that it works ten times better than the former. But the big question is, how long does Levitra last? After consumption, Levitra will last through out the sexual activity and…

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