Informative and Educative Details about Why Testosterone Level Is so Important for Men's Health

The importance of having the right levels of testosterone is immense for a man. This is mainly because this particular hormone plays a vital role in almost every aspect of men’s health. Men usually start to produce this particular hormone when they are about seven weeks old. The levels increase as one gets older and they reach the pick at the age of about twenty five. After this, the levels start to gradually decrease and this is the main reason why some men may need so-called testosterone replacement therapy later at some point in their life.testosterone and men's health

Men with the right levels of this hormone enjoy various health benefits. Here are the reasons why testosterone level is so important for men's health.

Decreasing Body Fat

Testosterone plays a very crucial role in glucose regulation, insulin production and fat metabolism. When the levels are low, the ability of the body to regulate glucose, insulin and fat metabolism also decreases. This often results in fat accumulating in the body and it might even cause further decrease of testosterone level. In fact, most obese men have lower levels of this hormone. By increasing the levels of testosterone such men are able to break this cycle and prevent the body from accumulating unwanted fat.

Boosting Libido

Testosterone is dubbed ‘male sex hormone’ and therefore it directly affects the sex life of every man. This is the main reason why the first sign that one has low levels of this hormone is having a low libido. When the levels of testosterone are increased, on the other hand, one usually has a high sex drive.

Increasing Muscle Mass

This particular hormone is known to increase the muscle protein synthesis. As a result of this physiological process, the body is able to built more muscle mass without accumulating extra fat. There are a lot of athletes who take testosterone increasing products so that they can get more muscle mass. This explains why men with higher levels of this hormone look more muscular and fit.

Decreasing Chances of Being Affected by Alzheimer’s Disease

Scientific studies have shown that men with a low testosterone level are at higher risk of being affected by Alzheimer's disease. This is primarily attributed to the fact that this hormone increases cognitive abilities. Because of this, men are advised to keep their testosterone levels high enough so as to avoid the development of this condition.

Reducing Depression

It has also been proven that men with higher levels of testosterone are able to deal with depression in a better way compared to those with lower levels of this hormone. This is attributed to the fact that this hormone also affects the brain in a positive way. Men with the right level of testosterone have a better mood and tend to be more active both physically and mentally.