How Men should Deal with Sexual Disorders

Experts estimate that 31% of men have a sexual disorder or have experienced one at some point in their lives. Further, these figures could be higher because the numbers are only based on the reported cases. Considering the sensitivity of the matter, many men would rather suffer in silence than consult.

It gets even worse for men because the bedroom problem could spill onto their daily activities such as work and social life. This is because it affects their self-esteem and outlook on the world. Men feel dejected and unwanted because they cannot satisfy their partners in bed.

All is not lost

Sexual dysfunction is any problem that occurs during the sexual response cycle which hinders a couple from experiencing sexual satisfaction. Interestingly, most of these problems can be treated, rectified and prevented from ever happening again. What you need to know is that sexual response cycle starts with excitement then plateau, orgasm, and resolution follow in that order.ED problem

Regular exercise

Sounds simple, right? Well, exercising is not an easy task as many people would like to imagine. Today’s fast-paced business world has made it practically impossible to find time to exercise due to tight schedules. To get started, you have to make a firm resolution and follow it to the latter. Exercising lets blood flow freely to all body parts which is the key aspect in sustaining an erection. Keep in mind that you do not have to exercise every day. Rather, do it consistently. Twice or thrice a week is just as perfect.

Losing weight

Weight control has much to do with what you eat, how you eat and how you exercise. Any medical expert will tell you that for you to lose weight, you have to cut down on what you eat and exercise tactfully to target fat. Additionally, you cannot do one and leave the other. You cannot continue eating bad foods while exercising. The problem just won’t go away. It requires you to align priorities and sacrifice for you to see the desired results.

Smoking won’t do you any good

For a long time smoking has been linked to low sperm count and other sex-related problems in men. As medical experts ascertain, this is still the case. Smoking has also been linked to various health problems including cancers and damage to the respiratory system. You might just be doing yourself a big favor quitting smoking while dealing with a sexual disorder.

A famous psychologist once pointed out in the famous “hierarchy of needs” that sex is one of the basic needs which man cannot do without. This points out the importance of your sexual life and its contribution to your successes in daily life. Watch what you do and examine what you consume physically and mentally so that you can lead a fulfilling life.