How many times a day can I take Levitra?

If you decided to take Levitra for the treatment of the erectile dysfunction, you can take the drug in different ways:

  • The first scheme – the use of the pills only before the sexual intercourse
  • The second scheme – the everyday use of the pills to control erection 24/7

The half-life period of the active ingredient Vardenafil1 is about 4-5 hours. It means that the intensity of the pharmacological action is reduced by about 50% in that period of time. In 6-7 hours after the use of the pill, the action of Levitra completely stops.

Despite the fact that the action of the drug lasts for less than 24 hours, the pills may be taken only once per day. A complete excretion of Vardenafil from the body requires at least 18-20 hours regardless of the dose. If two or more pills are used within a day, Vardenafil will be accumulated in the body, and so it will create the additional load on the liver.

The liver is responsible for metabolism of this ingredient and the additional load may cause various dysfunctions including the worsening of the blood test results, increase of the liver, and others. 

The use of Levitra is allowed once in 18-20 hours if a man does not have diseases of liver or kidneys, and his age is under 60.

But most recommendations including the package insert and reviews of many doctors include information about an observance of the interval between the use of the pills of Levitra in 24 hours.