How Long Does Levitra Last?

Other than the famous Viagra, Levitra is the new pill that helps with the erectile dysfunction problem. Research has proven that it works ten times better than the former. But the big question is, how long does Levitra last? After consumption, Levitra will last through out the sexual activity and even long after provided there’s an arousal. Read on for more details.

levitra in workLevitra which comes in 20mg per pill is taken in four bits of 2.5mg each. One can start by 2.5 mg and add the same amount later if it doesn’t work for them. Irrespective of the amount taken in the effect will remain the same. For men over the age of 65 years, it is advisable that they take in a lower dosage compared to the ones below the same age. This is because for men in that age bracket (65 years and above) levitra will be absorbed slowly into their system. Levitra unlike other meds should only be taken having planned for sex, precisely an hour before.

Levitra effects will start to show up within the first 15minutes of intake, although it can take up to an hour. Averagely this will last for 4-5hours. However, it can last for 1-2 days in some men, this will only happen at the slightest sexual arousal. Just like Viagra, Levitra also exihibits adverse side effects; this will depend with the amount of levitra consumed. It is therefore advisable to take in as little of the pill as possible. The lesser you take the less adverse effects you are likely to encounter.

Levitra dosage should always be administered an hour before the expected sexual activity whenever need be. It should be noted that 20mg is the maximum amount one can ever take, similarly only one pill a day is recommended. Drink glass of water when taking this pill. Levitra is known for its resistance to food, therefore there is no problem taking this pill during meals. Although fatty foods minimize the effectiveness and efficiency of this pill and so should be avoided when taking this pill. Levitra can be bought at any quantity from 2.5 mg to 20 mg but it is economical to buy it whole and disintegrate it by yourself.


Consult with your physician before taking Levitra pills as this will enable you gather relevant information you need. Moreover, your physician will educate you on the dos and don’ts when under this pills. Levitra will work for you on any problem to do with erection, be it getting it difficult to erect or inability to maintain an erection during sexual activity.