How long does it take for Levitra to be effective?

A pharmacological therapy of the erectile dysfunction consists in taking vasodilator drugs from the group of PDE5 inhibitors. One of the best representatives of this group is Levitra.

Levitra helps to return a hard erection during any types of the erectile dysfunction: organic, psychogenic, medicated, and even during some endocrine disorders.

The main advantage of Levitra and all PDE5 inhibitors is an instant onset of the effect. Levitra is able to restore erection in 15 minutes after the use of the first pill unlike the natural products that act only in some period.

This fast action may be due to the fact that PDE5 inhibitors restore natural physiological processes which usually appear during the sexual arousal. This drug is not able to cure of the erectile dysfunction, and therefore the pharmacological action of Levitra is restricted.

Levitra is effective after the first use. Due to the intensive vasodilator effect of Vardenafil, the intensive blood circulation is restored within 15 minutes in the penis, and a man can have erection during the sexual stimulation.

In some cases, when a man has a severe type of the erectile dysfunction, severe affection of the blood vessels as a result of atherosclerosis or pancreatic diabetes, the therapeutic action of Levitra appears in some time. It may be due to a low sensitivity to Vardenafil.

But after 2-3 uses of Levitra, the erectile function is usually completely restored, and the intensity of the therapeutic effect will grow with every new use of the pills.