Essential Vitamins for Men: Vitamin D

A recent study has shown that men are missing out on some essential vitamins for their health. Most men know the basics of health living such as eating right, exercising and sleeping well. Few men, however, get the chance to actualize these basics in their daily life. Research conducted by the International Food Information Council Foundation found out that despite most men being cognizant of the fact that their health is dependent on their diet, less than half of them have effected any changes to their diet.Man sunbathing If men could pay attention to these simple nutrition facts, then they will get all the essential vitamins needed by their bodies.

One of these essential vitamins is vitamin D. Men over 60 years require more of this nutrient as compared to middle aged and young men. The research findings show that up to 72 percent of men are not getting enough of this nutrient. The deficit cuts across all other nutritional categories. In fact, the same findings reveal that men need to increase their consumption of green vegetables by up to 350 percent and fruits by 150 percent to cover these deficits. As a rule, men should purposefully choose to consume more vegetables, fruits and whole grains as compared to red meat. A number of experts recommend multivitamins as a quicker way of compensating for these essential vitamins.

Most men spend all their day indoors making it hard to get enough exposure to the sun which is required for the manufacture of vitamin D. A number of them, therefore, will be taking just up to 1000 IU of vitamins D on a daily basis. The reason vitamin D is critical to your body is that it helps in the absorption of calcium so as to maintain strong muscles and bones. Research has also shown that its deficiency can increase the chances of getting colon cancer as well as heart attack.

Too much vitamin D, however, is harmful as it will increase fatigue and weaken the muscles. The recommended dosage is therefore between 1000 IU and 2000 IU. Higher quantities may only be recommended by a doctor in case of a medical condition that necessitates high levels of vitamin D.

Various foods provide this essential vitamin for the overall good health of your muscles and bones. They include milk, yogurt, egg yolk, cheese, orange juice, sardines, cod liver oil, salmon and fortified cereals. The importance of this nutrient in absorbing calcium and promoting bone health is something every man must know. Not getting enough of it may lead to osteomalacia (a condition where the bones are fragile and misshapen).