Drugs during Pregnancy: What is Safe?

Pregnancy is a very special period in a woman’s life, and one that requires her to take particular care of her body, as she is generating another person inside her. However, one can’t forget that women still have their own needs, which is why the issue of whether or not to take prescription drugs during pregnancy arises.

Most women take prenatal vitamins nowadays, as those have been proven not only to be safe, but also quite important for the strength of the woman and the development of the baby. You should, however, avoid taking any vitamins based on recommendations that are not from your doctor, as those might not be safe or adequate for you and your baby.
drugs in pregnancy

Herbal remedies, supplements and other natural medicines are not 100% safe as there are no conclusive studies that state they are, so you should also do your best to avoid them, especially if you haven’t talked about taking them with the doctor who knows your state and is completely familiar with these remedies or supplements.

Over-the-counter drugs are also unsafe for pregnant women, for the most part, which means you should lay off any pain meds and such that you are used to having in your medicine cabinet, unless your doctor says it is okay for you to take them.

There are, however, exceptions to this rule. So it should be okay to take meds if you have allergies, the flu or constipation. Benadryl and Claritin, for instance, are known to be completely safe, as are Colace and several first aid ointments and rash relief meds. You should, however, consult with your doctor before you start taking Tylenol during your earlier period of gestation.

Some of the drugs that are meant to help you quit smoking or drinking – something you definitely ought to do before you decide to have a baby – aren’t proven to be unsafe for pregnancy, but that is largely because studies aren’t conclusive, so you should plan ahead and do such treatments in advance in order to stay safe and healthy during pregnancy.

As for any prescriptions that you regularly take, you will likely have to go off them during pregnancy and even beforehand if your pregnancy is planned. This should be discussed with your doctor as each case is different, and at times some medicine may be so essential for you to be healthy that the benefits outweigh the possible risks of taking the drugs.