Diseases and Treatment


Narcology is a term that defines a section of medicine. Such problems as alcoholism, drug addiction and substance abuse are studied in this section. Narcology also develops medical approaches and treatment methods for the stated problems, and conditions related to them.

Most of the narcological…

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New Features of Yellow Fever Discovered

Yellow fever has affected humankind for centuries, but in the past couple of years, recent research has begun to shed light on specific features of the disease. New findings, it is hoped, will make it easier to detect and treat yellow fever, which affects around 200,000 people throughout the world…

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Does Alzheimer's Kill?

People think of Alzheimer’s as a strictly mental issue, which it is. However, no one really makes the association between this mental illness and death. After all, how could a mental ailment possibly kill you? Isn’t this merely an issue of lost memories?

In fact, Alzheimer’s can kill. In the…

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Zika Virus: Forewarned is Forearmed

Following world health organization’s move to declare the Zika virus a critical public health emergency, it has become essential that people get to understand more about the virus properly. This is crucial not just to the people living around the already identified areas…

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